Aesthetic medicine nowadays is developing surprisingly fast. New ways of appearance improvement and flaws elimination are so different, every type of patient would find something suitable and effective for them. So now, we are going to discuss mesotherapy, its working principle, and why it is so beneficial for various types of patients in beauty clinics. Read and enjoy!

What is a mesotherapy treatment? What are the benefits?

Instead of aesthetic plastic surgery, people prefer non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures due to various factors – short recovery time, possibility to go back to everyday routine right after the treatment, pretty fast treatment results, etc. Same situation with mesotherapy treatment.

Mesotherapy is a special technique that is used for various purposes (however, mainly in skin rejuvenation). With the help of tine punctures, a cocktail with lots of advantageous components is administered into a body to improve sluggish blood circulation and deal with age-related problems (and not only them). This solution includes various vitamins and hormones, growth factors, amino acids, enzymes, plant extracts, and other ingredients that vary depending on the patient’s goals. With their help, it is possible to flush out ageing toxins, increase collagen production, and correct aesthetic and health problems of different types.

If you are wondering what the problems are mesotherapy can help with, here is a few of the most popular variants patients choose the most:

  • Skin rejuvenation and lifting. More collagen is produced thanks to a special formula of mesotherapy cocktails, so it is possible to instantly improve dull, tired-looking dermis, get rid of superficial wrinkles and fine lines, and get those lost glowing skin;
  • Remove excess fat. Thanks to these injections, now it is much easier to eliminate cellulite marks and help the whole process of weight loss. Fat reduction is possible in the areas of stomach, buttocks, thighs, hips, legs, and arms. Please note that this treatment cannot fully replace training to lose weight; it is mainly used as a help in this sometimes long and not easy journey;
  • Hair loss. It is a simple procedure, but it brings a hugely beneficial effect – cures alopecia, makes the head skin healthier, hair much stronger and thicker, and noticeably improves hair follicles condition. Both women and men use mesotherapy for hair health, and the results are always beyond exceeding expectations.

Those are the basic treatments that mesotherapy includes; however, a lot of young, creative, and brave specialists come up with new ways of using meso cocktails in their practice. It is a perfect alternative to Botox and dermal fillers for those who those who are not sure about these types of rejuvenating procedures. And, of course, mesotherapy can sometimes help avoid plastic surgeons, so it is also a definite plus.

How long does mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid last? Are there any complications?

The procedure itself is not very complicated, pain-free, and can guarantee a quick fix of many problems patients come to a doctor with. Before injections, numbing cream is applied to the treated zones. In this way, it is possible to avoid unpleasant sensations and overall discomfort, as well as reduce customer’s stress levels.

Usually, medical providers recommend having from 4 to 6 mesotherapy treatments, depending on the goals and health condition of a person. One session needs approximately ten to fifteen tiny punctures to the treated zone, during which a meso cocktail is administered under the skin. The improvement becomes visible after a few first sessions and stays for twelve-eighteen months after the course is completed. It happens because mesotherapy helps to produce new collagen naturally in the body.

After the treatment, slight side effects are possible. They may include injection site reactions like swelling, itching and bruising, redness and rash, and other symptoms that may cause mild discomfort. It is also possible that skin will become more sensitive for a few days. Some clients also experience nausea, headache, bumps, and lumps under the skin, tiny scars. If the procedure was conducted by a person with a lack of experience, infections are also possible. The main thing here is to remember that mesotherapy is a partially invasive treatment, so it is okay if irritation and other unpleasant symptoms appear. Give your body some time to rest and heal itself.

Kindly remind – a consultation with a doctor is required to find out whether a patient is allergic to any of the cocktail components, suffers from any skin infections or skin damages, or has other health issues.

Final word

Mesotherapy is a perfect choice for people who do not want to try Botox and dermal fillers. Its effectiveness and positive influence made it one of the most popular procedures on the aesthetic medicine market. For those who have any doubts about whether to try it – we, as always, recommend talking to a professional. They will definitely explain you the process better, so you will have answers to all your questions.

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