Overcome Stress By Looking At What is Right

Stress causes the body to release chemicals that prepare the body to run from, or stay and fight, a physical danger. This ancient response to threat, known as the fight-or-flight or stress response, is often life-saving in the face of real physical danger. However, because our bodies respond the same to both physical and psychological danger, the stress response can be turned on almost all the time. This ancient short-lived response to external stress is now also responding to our thoughts and emotions and creating potentially long-term internal changes in the body.


But what to do if everything is alright, there are no reasons to be stressed, but the body still tells you to panic? How to calm down quickly and avoid these unpleasant moments? Here are a few easy methods that will be helpful for every person on a daily basis.


  1. Be aware of your stress. If you understand the nature of your feelings, it is much easier to control them. If there is no reason to feel this way, it is a clear sign that the body and mind need a break. Be aware of how you are breathing, try to clear your mind, let yourself be present, and deal with this issue;
  2. Learn breathing exercises and start using inhaled essential oils. This is a well-known technique a lot of professionals recommend using. The best essential oils scents include lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, bergamot, and orange blossom;
  3. Drink stress-relieving beverages. Not only you can try mint and camomile tea, but studies also show apple cider vinegar and matcha are extremely effective as well;
  4. Try to go for a walk. When we are walking, endorphins are released in us, and this hormone helps a lot in stressful situations. Moreover, it creates the illusion of escaping an unpleasant situation. Add some favorite music to this, and you will get a perfect formula to reduce stress;
  5. Write your feelings out. When writing down thoughts, you make them go away from your head to the piece of paper instead. Moreover, positive affirmations are also helpful in cheering us up. Come up with a few cheerful messages, and write them repeatedly in your diary;
  6. Clean up your surroundings. It can be your room, desk, or office space. If the area around you is cluttered, it may mess up your feelings a little. If there is no time to clean up properly, try to organize items or do short tasks around the house;
  7. Talk to people about your feelings. Do not accumulate negative emotions and thoughts inside; it is always better to tell someone you trust how you feel, what worries you, and ask for advice. If you do not want to bother your friends, you may try to talk to a specialist. Make a psychologist appointment a regular event to deal with everyday stress easier;
  8. Try to include yoga in your daily routine. It won’t only keep your body in tonus but also decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Simple 10-minute sessions every day will prove their effectiveness in no time; try to make sure it is true!


Constant stress in a person is dangerous because it may transform into chronic stress, which is very hard to cure. This issue may increase the risk of other mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Take care of yourself, make your health a priority and start a new page in your happy life without stress.


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