Here, let us learn about some of the interesting, yet true facts about Heart Diseases. This is a killer disease invading many lives and is the cause of suffering of many people. So let us explore some of the facts about this disease and be ready to get amazed!!! Take a look

Facts- The dangerous disease in earth: The Heart Disease is one of the cruel diseases that affect mankind in today’s world. Also there are some very interesting facts about the disease.

If we study them, we will get to know about the severity of the disease and the various characteristics of it. Let us learn about some of the best facts about heart disorders and acquire a good knowledge about it. Heart Disorders are the ones claiming lives everywhere and not sparing almost any person. The people become its victims and suffer a great deal because of it. So it becomes imperative that we learn about some of the amazing facts about it so that we can cope with it better.

If we look at some of the amazing facts about these diseases, the first thing that comes to our mind is its domination in United States where almost the entire population suffers from these diseases and become victims of it. It is also seen that the majority suffer from US because of the food habits there which consists of fat rich food and almost seven out of ten will be seen having obesity. Another very interesting fact coming from US is the prevalence of heart disorders in US men and women.

Amazingly it is seen that women are the lucky ones as they do not suffer much from these diseases.

When we compare men with women, we see men are the most susceptible ones and women enjoy the luxury of not having many problems from the heart. Also the other interesting fact is that men are affected early than women and again women are the lucky ones. This is the mainly due to the protection given by the hormones in women.

Also reports say that 47% of the patients suffering from a heart attack die without reaching the hospital or without being treated for life. This is a sad, yet a true fact in this world. Also the money in flow for the medical care and other medicines for treating the diseases comes out to be 258$ billion, which is a whopping money margin in the world.
Also the coronary artery disease and other diseases like Arrhythmia and Congestive Heart Diseases claim about 7 million lives every year showing their dominance in the world. These are some of the shocking facts about this cruel disease. Its dominance continues to haunt people today.