Women are ready to fight for beauty throughout life. However, the tactics in the early years is fundamentally different from the methods of combat after 40 years. The older the woman, the more effort is required to preserve the natural attractiveness. Fortunately, in today’s world there are many ways to keep the outgoing youth.

For several decades Botox helps to maintain beauty even in adulthood, without resorting to plastic surgery. Dysport gained popularity later, entering into competition with already known drugs for the title of the best remedy for facial wrinkles.

At first glance, it seems that Dysport and Botox are two identical drugs designed to eliminate wrinkles. And in both active ingredient is a substance called botulinum toxin type A.

Here you can buy botox online. Both drugs are administered intramuscular, while having the same relaxing effect on the muscles.

What is the difference between drugs?

  1. It is believed that the effect of injections of Dysport is much faster that of Botox. At the same time, the effect lasts a little longer. This opinion is based on the feedback of patients and observations of specialists, although it has not received any scientific confirmation. Thus, the Dysport will be better in cases when you want to adjust the appearance in a short time. Its maximum action and Botox and Dysport reach about two weeks after the injection, so there is no difference in the long term.
  2. A number of studies have shown that Dysport has a much greater ability to diffuse. Thus, the drug will penetrate not only into the corrected zone, but also into the adjacent muscles. It is diffusion that in most cases is the cause of many side effects of the drug. But with proper use, you can get the effect is much more natural. On this basis, the conclusion is that treating the nose and forehead best Dysport, while the corners of the eyes and eyebrows to adjust better than Botox.
  3. The concentration of botulinum toxin is an important difference between these drugs. The fact is that one unit of Botox is 2.5-3 unit of Dysport. That is, it will take more Dysport to achieve a comparable result.
  4. The selling price of Botox is relatively higher than its analog Dysport. Although often cosmetologists try to equalize the prices of drugs. It turns out that the cost of 1 unit of Dysport is 150 rubles, and 1 unit of Botox is 350 rubles. But, taking into account the previous point, it is possible to understand that the ratio 1:3 is formed. But still, most often Dysport allows you to save.
  5. The company Allergan, producing Botox, made a statement that Dysport can provoke the production of antibodies in the body that neutralize botulinum toxin and reduce the effect of the procedure. But many leading cosmetologists say quite the opposite, that Botox triggers a protective reaction of the body. Of course, it is difficult to understand who is right in these “marketing wars”, but only one thing is clear that the production of antibodies can occur only with the introduction of very large doses of the drug, more than 200 units. And for a complete smoothing of wrinkles only 20-60 units are enough.

Application in medicine

In addition to all kinds of cosmetic effects Botox and Dysport is widely used to treat various ailments in the field of medicine:

  • strabismus;
  • paralysis of limbs and muscles after stroke;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • spasm of the eyelids.

The high cost of Botox and Dysport does not allow the use of these drugs in mass medicine. However, in some cases, only with their help you can defeat the disease. And then the price of the issue fades into the background.

Which is better?

The only difference between these two drugs is the concentration of botulinum toxin, as well as its ability to diffuse. On our website you can buy Dysport online. Cosmetology clinics offer their patients both of these drugs, without placing any special priorities between them. But the decision to use a particular drug should be made by a beautician, based on the needs of the patient, his individual characteristics and so on.