Best Tips for a Healthy Bowel

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In a crazy rhythm of modern life, people tend to underestimate the role of food they eat and how it affects their intestine system and health in general. Junk food, low-quality snacks, irregular eating, and an inactive way of life hurt the bowel and lead to problems with digestion, rashes, and even more serious complications, which inquire hospitalization and medication. The most serious cases may end up with cancer and death. And all of this because of neglect of food and health of the stomach.

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Common Stressors in Everyday Life

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Knowledge of he common stressors can help you determine where your stress is coming from and take steps to minimize it. Read More

Diet for Heart | Guide to Heart Disease

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The main objectives in the dietary management of hypertension involve : • minimizing the strain on the heart. • lowering and normalization of blood lipid levels, if elevated, especially cholesterol. • preventing or controlling hypertension and other related Complications. • maintaining satisfactory nutritional status and body weight at ideal or 5% below the ideal level. Read More