Have you noticed how your thoughts affect your mood and inner feelings? Research suggests that replaying scenes with a positive outcome before an important event will help you feel more confident and be able to perform better. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, paralyze the brain’s ability to think analytically and assess the situation from several angles. Thinking positively does not guarantee your success, but it certainly increases your chances of success by giving you the right mindset.

Let us consider deeper what is positive thinking, how can you teach yourself to think positively, and how a positive attitude may change your life.

Power of positive thinking

When you experience positive emotions such as joy, pleasure, love, you pay attention to more opportunities in your life. These findings were among the first to truly prove that positive experiences increase self-empowerment and open up new thinking possibilities.

The benefits of positive emotions are not limited to a few minutes of pleasant sensations. A positive outlook and positive affirmations help build and develop skills and resources for later life. A positive emotional style increases a sense of self-strength, self-esteem, and self-confidence and gives rise to thoughts, which in turn develops new skills that will definitely come in handy in other areas of everyday life. Moreover, more positive thinking is very beneficial for physical health and general well-being. It helps to reduce stress, decrease blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, help people get life satisfaction, coping with stress, and health outcomes .

How does negative thinking affect our brain and activity?

Scientists have known for a long time that negative emotions program the gyrus to perform certain actions. For example, when meeting a wolf, you start to run away from it. The rest of the world ceases to exist. You focus solely on the beast, fear, and the desire to get away as soon as possible. In other words, negative emotions constrict thinking and limit thoughts. Looking objectively at the situation, you could try to climb a tree or defend yourself with a stick, but the brain ignores the available options.

The problem is that your brain is programmed to respond to negative emotions in the same way – by disconnecting from the outside world and rejecting alternative courses of action.

In every similar situation, the brain shuts itself off from the outside world and concentrates on negative feelings: fear, anger, or stress. Negative self-talk keeps your head from looking around for alternatives and opportunities that surround you. It’s just a survival instinct.

How to build positive thinking skills?

1. Mindfulness and constant practice. Whenever you habitually want to let your thoughts go down a dull depressive-pessimistic channel, immediately stop yourself and switch to positive emotions. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and positive self-talk. Start actively looking for positive thoughts in yourself, in the people, situations, and things around you.

2. Alike attracts alike. We, as a rule, attract into our life those things that we often think about, and to which we give our energy. Thinking about something good, you attract good things and situations into your life, as a result, your life really becomes wonderful.

3. Belief in success. Learn to tune in to the fact that your plans will definitely work out. Think carefully about your actions and weigh your strength, give it a positive spin and if you have made a decision, then go to the end. Consciously try to keep your thought, like a compass needle, always directed towards good luck.

4. Image and concreteness of the result. Do everything so that your idea was clothed in a vivid image (picture). Avoid fuzzy or blurry views. In the case when you do not fully know what you want, over and over again ask yourself a question that clarifies your desires: “What do I really want?” Positive thinking is always concrete and solid.

5. Purity of thoughts. Tune in to a friendly, light mood and the safety of your desires for other people. Thoughts saturated with strong egoism and even more so with the energies of evil will not bring happiness. Invest in your own thoughts, emotions, feelings of the radiation of the heart.

6. Order of thoughts. Practice creating an orderly flow of thought. Stop this flow, focus your thoughts on any subject, object, process, goal, idea as long as possible.

7. Positive environment. Connect with people who support you and your decisions, who make you look at life in a positive way. Read other people’s success stories, and connect in life and online with positive people who are willing to share their experiences.

8. Gratitude. Be grateful to fate for what you have and what you don’t. Gratitude can do amazing things. If you spend at least five minutes every day just to celebrate the good things that you have, after a few weeks you will begin to almost automatically notice those things for which you can and should be grateful to someone.

9. Aesthetics. Cultivate your thinking on beauty images. Peer into pictures of nature, works of art, trying to capture their aesthetic and energetic power. In moments of fatigue, rest, focusing your thoughts on the beautiful.

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