Feline Heart Disease is the disease related with the heart in animals like Cat. It is a dangerous condition that can easily turn into death in no time. Often the cat owners will be caught in a bit of shock when they see their cat dead. Let us learn more about the symptoms and treatment processes in this issue. About it: Similar to what we see in humans, where the heart disorders just keep on coming, the cats too suffer a lot when this disease enters their lives.

This is a very dangerous disease where the cat seems to be all right until the next moment when the cat will fight for its life. Often this will leave the cat owners in complete fix and they fail to come to terms with what happened to their favorite pet.

It is another cruel disease similar to other heart disorders that come with a pack of problems. The fact that the cat suffers from this disease is because they cannot express their pain and anguish and the other reason being the fact that the symptoms are not that expressed either making it difficult during the diagnosis period. So normally the cats easily become the victims of this disease and they die too. They are always at a heart attack risk in their life. Symptoms: If we take a look at the symptoms, we realize that there are no visible symptoms and the symptoms are localized. One such symptom which is hard to pick are the heart murmurs which means serious trouble for the cat.

This has become the sad reason why many lives have been lost and the pet owners mourn after everything is over. Normally this could not be determined by a normal person.

Also another condition that may arise is Cardiomyopathy which is another very serious outcome of this disease. It happens when a parasite enter into the cat’s heart and affects it very badly. Also another outcome is the Heartworms. These symptoms are very hard to pick though and that has been the cause of numerous deaths of cats around the world. Treatment: If the disease is diagnosed early, then the cat’s life can be surely saved.

For this purpose, the caretakers should periodically take their cats to a doctor so that he can go for a general health check up. Also this should be done periodically in order to ensure that the cat’s health is always up to the mark. If this basic thing is always done, then the cat will not suffer. Also the doctors may recommend leaving the cats in a cage so that they take maximum rest after the treatment. Another remedy is to lower the salt content in the food given to the cats.