You may wonder what Dental Health may mean to the Heart Diseases. Many said that there are no proper evidences to prove to prove any sort of connection between these two factors. Of late, there has been some debate though. Take a look.

In Detail: Many medical experts in the past had completely ruled about any connection between Dental Health and heart disease.

But some recent findings have been slightly different and they have few surprises to the medical community. Also all the doctors debated on the simple fact that there are various other factors behind all heart disorders. But this fact that dental abnormalities also leads to heart disorders cannot be completely sidelined as there are various possibilities pointing that there is a chance of developing cardio vascular diseases when a specific disease called Periodontal Gum disease develops in a person.

How is this possible? We all may wonder still, how a single gum disease may in turn affect the cardio vascular tissues of the body. Though initially looked very difficult to imagine, later the same though changed in to “Why not?” and this brought about serious breakthrough in the field of Cardiology. According to the findings, the periodontal gum disease damages the blood vessels associated with the gums and then the bacteria finds a way to percolate throughout the body with the help of blood. When this happens, it presents a serious threat to the life of the patient.

This bacterium is known to be causing the damage of the inner linings of the blood vessels of the body. So now, it gave a better idea of dental health influencing the formation of cardiovascular diseases for all those who questioned it earlier.

Also supporting this theory, it was found that the patients with cardiovascular patients were having a high percentage of the periodontal bacteria.

The worst thing about these bacteria is that it can release very dangerous toxins in the body as they contain lipopolysaccharides. These substances can also damage the inner lining of the blood vessels. So it was concluded that the lipopolysaccharides are the ones causing severe damage to the lining of the blood vessels.

Present Day Beliefs of the theory: Many doctors are still yet to accept it as a cause for Heart Disorders in humans. Always this theory has been put under the clouds of doubts and has never been fully accepted. Although many such theories and ideas have been put forth, still many experts in the field only believe the conventional ones that cause heart attacks and other problems. Whether they believe or not, there still exists some truth behind the recent findings in this field. Only time can give a good proof for us.