Author: Lesly Farley

5 Common Symptoms of Depression

In the past, depression was not considered to be a mental illness or even a problem at all. Now, in fact, we see that depression is a serious danger to a person’s physical and mental health conditions, general well-being, productivity, and social life. In difficult cases, it may become a reason for suicide. So, in

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Importance of Positive Thinking

Have you noticed how your thoughts affect your mood and inner feelings? Research suggests that replaying scenes with a positive outcome before an important event will help you feel more confident and be able to perform better. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, paralyze the brain’s ability to think analytically and assess the situation from

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What is mesotherapy, and does it work?

Aesthetic medicine nowadays is developing surprisingly fast. New ways of appearance improvement and flaws elimination are so different, every type of patient would find something suitable and effective for them. So now, we are going to discuss mesotherapy, its working principle, and why it is so beneficial for various types of patients in beauty clinics.

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